s.e.m.m. management+marketing

Travel Magazine Publishing & Tourism Representation

Since April 1999 s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. (South Equator Management+Marketing) offers Travel Magazine Publishing, Tourism Representation and Sales- and Marketing support for touristical companies.

The aim of s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. is to introduce foreign companies and their products from the various destinations to the travel trade industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as to individual and group travellers.

A unique feature of s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. is the combination of active, personal representation and the possibility of creating and developing new marketing strategies in the fields of communication and multi-media. Furthermore, s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. assists in the creation of conventional presentations and advertising.

The personell of s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. with their many years of tourism experience guarantee clients optimal utilisation of their contacts in the travel industry which have been established and maintained over years.

The company owner, Mr Walter Sartorato, was from 1994 until 2003 responsible for the production, sales and marketing of the brochure "Best of Africa". In 2001 he also begann with the setup, development and marketing of an Internet-Portal for individual travellers tourdesigner [design your own itinerary] to be found under www.tourdesigner.de.

The range of products was added after the production and the publication of the tourdesigner Travel-Magazine Africa, Orient & Indian Ocean [travelling made easier] in March 2005.

After the production and the publication of the tourdesigner Travel-Magazine Asia & Pacific [travelling made easier] in October 2007 another Marketing Mile-Stone was set up and with the publication of the tourdesigner Travel-Magazine America & Caribbean [travelling made easier] in 2009 the successful "Special Interest" Travel-magazine concept will be finished.

Attached please find a short resumé of the products and the services we offer our clients.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship with you!

Walter Sartorato


Services offered

- Providing a modern, computerized contact office with telephone, fax and e-mail and modern working

  methods and knowledgeable efficient personell.

- Production of print products (Travel-Magazines and Travel-Brochures)

- Conceiving new advertising and marketing ideas (Internet, Multimedia).

- Advising on and arranging advertising and general marketing activities.

- Conceiving, drafting and distributing og generell information.

- Distributing pictures, posters and brochures and other marketing and sales material.

- Sales and Marketing support through direct communication.

- Organising Sales and Marketing trips to tour operators in order to present the client's products and
  inform operators about developments.

- Market reports about and analysis of topical issues, changes, developments and trends in the
  various market places.

- Organising and implementing sales events.

- Utilising and developing specific public relations contacts in the sales, marketing and media

- Organising trips for educational purposes and journalists. Guided if requested.

- Personal presence and/or specific campaigns at trade fairs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.



We would like to take the opportunity to briefly introduce you to the products we represent and to give you an insight into these products.

The products that s.e.m.m. management+marketing e.k. represents are as follows:

-  tourdesigner [travelling made easier] TRAVEL-MAGAZINE - www.tourdesigner.de

-  tourdesigner [design your own itinerary] INTERNET-PORTAL - www.tourdesigner.de