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The tourdesigner "Special-Interest" Travel Magazines introduce themselves

The tourdesigner Travel Magazines are of high quality, motivating and always informative - a truly "special interest product" for the respective destinations without the spreading loss that results from covering various destinations in one magazine.

We place great value on competent and professional descriptions, for instance Article: Mocambique - Quirimba Archipel and Article: Mauritius - Grande Baie as well as Article: Asia's Diving Paradieses as well as establishing a contact between our readers and declared AFRICA Travel Experts in Germany and Austria as well as in Switzerland and declared ASIA Travel Experts in Germany and in Switzerland and in Austria!

The tourdesigner Travel Magazine Africa, Orient & Indian Ocean [travelling made easier] has been available quarterly at newsagents since February 2005. The tourdesigner Travel Magazine Asia & Pacific [travelling made easier] has been available quarterly since October 2007 whilst the tourdesigner Travel Magazine America & Caribbean [travelling made easier] will become available quarterly from 2009.

The distribution channel of the 30.000 issues currently in circulation is through renowned book stores and newsagents and at airports and train stations, the latter being places where there is a particular high interest in travel topics.

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